Stealing Fire Astrology

with Corrin Evans

Freedom through Self-Awareness

Stealing Fire Astrology

Astrology is a useful tool anyone can use to: 

Awaken your potential. Enliven, revivify and regenerate your life through continued self-discovery and wonderment.  

Talking to an astrologer about your chart or better yet, learning how to read your own chart can effectively and quickly pinpoint some of the unconscious forces working invisibly in your life. Becoming aware of and working with these unconscious forces can provide you with actionable steps towards personal fulfillment and wholeness.

Stealing Fire Astrology Podcast

A daily horoscope podcast dedicated to exploring the possible effects of the transiting planets in our lives. I'm trying to feel the flow of these astrological cycles in my own life. This podcast is a place to pose and experiment with different ideas and practice using the storytelling language of astrology.  

Each horoscope is based on the rising sign, and a whole house zodiac. 

Psychological Self-Care/Cool Info


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Stealing Fire Astrology